Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ani Deki

Today, I received such a gift of healing. As many others here at the gompa have come down with sore throats and colds, I too, succumbed and yesterday, had to rest most of the day. I decided to try to get back into the swing and teach again, but the first class I could see it was an effort. One of the anis came up to me and told me that she could get me some medicine from some of the other nuns and that I only had to drink this Tibetan powder with boiled water. I was touched by her concern and agreed to take this but forgot about it, having another class and then, taking my lunch to my room, tried to rest and read.

Hearing a soft knock on my door, I opened it to Ani-la (the la added to the end of a name is a term of endearment and a natural way that many call each other here, in the monastery, or gompa, as it is called in Tibetan). She is tiny in stature but quite big in her compassion and does many things for people, I have noticed.

As I stood towering over this little nun, I felt her presence towering as well and I knew, this would help me, not because of this powder she collected and carried in a piece of torn newspaper, but because it is compassion that heals us. It matters not what the action or the herb or the medicine. It is the motivation of concern for others that heals.

I sit here in my room, drinking the powder in the boiled water, which, if I am honest, tastes a lot like dirt, as Tibetan medicine does to me! I rest after lunch and prepare to go to my next 2 classes, interrupted by the 3 p.m. tea break. In the last gathering, only 2 nuns are there as there is a special prayer, or puja, this afternoon and toward the end of this session, I am obviously wiped out and head back here to rest. The head is a bit more congested now and I’m spent and lay down to just rest and there’s another soft knock on the door! There’s Ani Kulsang Dolma (B we call her to distinguish here from Ani Kulsang Dolma A!) This nun is the store keeper and oversees all the food that comes in and out of Samtenling, as well as the meals, and there she is, heading to the puja but on a mission of mercy, for it seems that another nun, this one is Ngawang Chonzim who speaks very little Engish and is a student in my last class saw my distress and asked her to deliver more Tibetan medicine to me and explain how to prepare it.

Now, I’m just blown away. I am drinking more medicine now, this one has to cool and then sips taken between resting. That medicine that I told you about? Compassion? Well, it seems as if I’ve been given a heavy dose and should be quite well in no time, as compassion, it seems is not limited to time and space at all; like Love.

I’ve rested a bit and now sip good old familiar green tea and our dinner will soon be served, a hot soup we have in the winter, tukpa, and I am cradled, as are we all, in the Arms of Love, Compassion and Mercy. May we all be aware of such medicine and be healed of all pain and suffering and then, extend this to all others.

With Love, I send this -always -Nellie

Ani Ngawang is standing and the other photo is Deki-la! Bless them and all, without exception.

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