Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29, 2009-- Back in the USA

Just a note to Nellie's Blog followers, Nellie is back in the USA! She will be seeing clients, so watch for blog post on that information. Also, don't forget the teaching 12-13 Jun in Annapolis. See blog entry below.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7, 2009-- Coming Home

Hello, Dear Friends,

It seems that I have been remiss and have not been in touch; forgive me! I have been closing out this year with the nuns I am officially finished with teaching as our academic year is over and the next few weeks are just exams and self study! I have time to meditate and read - in fact, many nuns and monks leave for the summer and will be gone before I am so there will be lots of time for practice - hope I take advantage of it! The last week, instead of traveling, I'll go into retreat to prepare to come home. AND to stay home.

Just this past week, I felt that it was time for me to return to my life and work in the states. I will not be returning in the fall to India as planned and here at the nunnery, the process of saying goodbye is in full swing and is hard. The nuns had a tea to thank 2 other lamas for their work and for me just the other day - the leaving became official. Wow. It seems that I have been here forever and just arrived.

For me and for my own healing process, I think Nepal sealed the deal! Much happened that is impossible to describe in words in terms of the interior - the realm of the mind. The searching and struggle to find God, the Truth, that I have been on for 40 years seemed to culminate there, in Kathmandu, and so many memories, meditations, insights, struggles and questions came together for me, as if something woven like a blanket, was completed and the threads all formed an understanding deep, deep, - someplace deep within.

I am looking forward to coming home but also hope I am able to maintain the simplicity that this nunnery has allowed me to experience as a lifestyle. How do I thank all these nuns and the staff? How can I ever let them know the Gift of being here? The generosity and kindnesses - where do I begin? One ani, Sangay, came to my room and asked if I was not coming back and was so sad. She will be here all summer; we have time before I leave to say good-bye and find the Gift of knowing that our connection is beyond space and time - this is my wish and my hope as I leave my friends and this family....

I have the retreat in mid-June in Annapolis and in late June in Jacksonville and then in Oklahoma in August and I know these three gatherings witll give me the opportunity to articulate some of these experiences - the struggles and the insights form the fabric of this weaving! May it keep us all warm! And then, the Path will unfold as it always does, with Grace.

Many time over this past 8 months I have remembered that we are like children sleeping and dreaming terrible dreams and Compassion is the Mother who is holding us as we sleep until we gently awaken.

Much love to you all. What a REUNION we will have! Nellie

Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 1, 2009-- Happy May Day

Just a quick reminder of the upcoming event with Nellie is still scheduled:

and save yourself from the INSANITY of fear!!

How to remember ABUNDANT JOY in a crashing market

FRIDAY June 12 7 - 9 pm
SATURDAY June 13 9 - 4 pm

Annapolis, MDFriends Meeting House
351 Dubois Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401, USA

(From Rt. 50, exit at Rowe Blvd./Bestgate Rd and turn left at the light on Bestgate. After one long block, turn right at the light before the Catholic Church. Then take the first left at Dubois and go to the end of the street . Despite what Mapquest or Google Maps display, the meeting house is at the end of the street.)

My Dear Friends, please come and join me as we contemplate what the message is in times like this in which fear and catastrophic thoughts are bombarding us every day. The Dalai Lama was very clear that despite the massive suffering Chairman Mao rained down upon the Tibetans, that he was his friend. His Holiness said many times that the Chinese are my friends, for they give me an object for my practice of Compassion.

So it is with us; this economic "downturn" is simply an opportunity for each of us to walk the walk and to live as if we know that the Truth about ourselves is never threatened. Jesus said simply, in the Course, "NOTHING REAL CAN BE THREATENED. NOTHING UNREAL EXISTS. HEREIN LIES THE PEACE OF GOD." Period.

We will gather and I will have the great Joy of sharing my experiences of India with you and to share this time gathering all of our resources that we stabilize our little ego minds as a mother takes a child by the hand and leads her away from a dangerous edge of fear. It is that simple. The Truth doesn't fluctuate as the market does!! The value of COMPASSION doesn't rise and fall as the dollar does!

And your own self-worth cannot change; ever. This is what we have waited for - to be put to the test. This time, we will chose to love and to forgive and to be at peace!

"Why do you worry about what to wear or how to feed yourselves? Consider the lilies of the field." Please consider joining us. Please consider your own state of mind and the approach you want to make and the attitude you want to cultivate at this time and allow this decision to become a great Light for those around you and in this world that cries out for comfort. Let us consider the Path of Joy, now and always

with Love, Nellie